1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna: Part 2

Ever since starting my blog in the beginning of the year, my most popular post remains my day at Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna, CA. I went again last week and it was pretty crowded for a Thursday. We stayed at the beach for about five hours though, so it was definitely worth the trip down there 🙂

It was low tide as soon as we got to Laguna that day, so we headed straight over to the pools. I recently received a GoPro Hero 3+ for my birthday earlier this month so I brought it along in hopes of taking some sick water shots. I noticed they put up a new sign about no trespassing so the new owner seems a little more strict than the previous but luckily we had no problems the whole day.

The best part of my day: I got to hold a starfish! Honestly, I would have a pet starfish if I could because they are just the coolest creatures ever haha we left the pools around 6 pm to go back to the main beach and watch the sunset. We knew the tide was coming up so we only had a limited time to get back over the rocks. And thank goodness we left when we did because we saw a guy try and come back an hour after we did and he had cuts all over his leg from a giant wave hitting him and sweeping him off the rocks! Ouch!

We were able to stay for the sunset and it was still perfectly warm, beautiful and amazing even at 8 at night! I put together some pictures for you guys featuring our whole day at Thousand Steps. I also made a VIDEO of all of our adventures that day which I’m beyond stoked to share with all of you! Check it out below! 😀

All photos were taken with my GoPro 🙂

NOTE: There is no exact address for this location. Also, as of now, the pools are unreachable due to lifeguards standing on the rocks and blocking people from going over. 😦


7 thoughts on “1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna: Part 2

  1. That’s awesome! I’m planning a trip to Laguna early next month. I’m dying to see this place!
    You mentioned (No Trespassing) would there be a problem if the owner catches us there? Also what time is low tide? How do I get here? thanks.

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