Double Feature! Victoria Beach and Arch Rock

Despite the cloudy weather in Southern California this past weekend, my friends and I made our way down south to explore some pretty awesome beaches.

First stop: Victoria Beach in Laguna!

After hitting almost 2 hours of traffic on PCH, we finally made it to Laguna. Victoria Beach is pretty secluded compared to others in Laguna. Many know it as the “beach with the tower” because of its 60-foot hollow tower. According to the California Department of Parks and Recreation, it was built in 1926 for a state senator. The tower now stands along the cliff, welded shut and provides great photo opportunities for tourists, photographers and locals alike.

We got lucky and hit high tide when we got there, which meant the pool was full! This was first time I hadn’t seen the pool completely empty so I immediately jumped in πŸ™‚ The water was surprisingly warmer than I expected so we busted out the GoPro to take some underwater shots.

Even at high tide, we were still able to explore some of the awesome tide pools along the rocks too. And unlike beaches like 1000 Steps, you’re able to get to the secluded beach during low AND high tides. Fair warning: we had a little run in with “Beach Patrol” so just be sure not to bring anything you’re not supposed to or do anything you’re not supposed to πŸ˜‰

Second trip: Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar!

I first found out about Arch Rock on Instagram. Despite being overcast and gloomy all day long, we drove down to Corona Del Mar to check it out for ourselves! I believe that you can only get there if you park at Corona Del Mar State Beach and walk over. I would definitely recommend wearing a pair of sneakers you don’t mind getting wet because you climb over a bunch of rocks to get there, then you have to actually climb Arch Rock to jump off!

You also can’t be afraid to get wet haha if you go around high tide like we did, you’ll have to climb some rocks or just wade through the water to get to the actual Arch Rock. There was a surprising amount of people at the rock for such a cloudy day, but almost everyone took a turn jumping. Side note: there’s also quite a lot of kelp in the water so don’t be freaked out when you jump and land on it! πŸ™‚

We’ll definitely be going back on a sunnier, warmer day so we can enjoy the rock even more! I put together a quick little video clip of both our beach days for ya – be sure to put it in HD before clicking PLAY!

Overall, it was an awesome weekend; I highly recommend venturing down to either of these awesome beaches. And be sure to always check the tides friends!



3 thoughts on “Double Feature! Victoria Beach and Arch Rock

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