1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna: Part 4


It’s been way too long since I’ve done a Thousand Steps post, mostly due to weather conditions created by El Nino. With so many big swells and high tides, it’s been extremely tough to find a time to be able to get over to the pools when it wasn’t the middle of the night. But two weeks ago, the ocean gods aligned and gave us a whole four hours of play time at the pools!

Some baby barrels breaking on the shore.

Some baby barrels breaking on the shore.

My friend Tessa and I were lucky enough to find some free time during the week so the beach was particularly empty. We trekked over the rocks and over to our secret spot to discover we were the only people at both pools. The 70 degree water wasn’t too bad either 🙂

Playing mermaid with my beautiful friends.

Playing mermaid with my beautiful friends.

People often forget that the tides control these secret pools, and watching the ocean is key. Once we saw the waves breaking higher up on the rocks, we knew it was time to head back to the main beach. The walk/hike back probably takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how much stuff you have so the sun had already begun setting. We took this opportunity to grab some shots of the golden hour before the sun was gone.

I don’t like to give away the exact location of the pools since it is a local spot, but I hope my followers still enjoy all my pictures. My very first 1000 Steps Beach post remains my most popular post, even almost two years later. You can also see Part 2 and Part 3 by following the links!

After a few hours frolicking in the pools, we arrived back at the main beach and waited for darkness to bust out our steel wool. If you haven’t seen these kinds of pictures on Instagram already, I highly recommend looking through the #steelwool hashtag because people are crazy creative. We tried our best to harness our artsy vibes to create some designs of our own.

Although Thousand Steps Beach doesn’t really have 1,000 steps (more like 250), the workout you get trying to get back up those stairs will come back to bite you the next few days. But hey! That’s your workout for the day! I recommend making it an all-day adventure because Thousand Steps is such a large beach. There’s so many cool rocks and caves to the left and right of both sides! Perfect for all you photographers out there 😉

Here’s the last of my pictures for the day, full of swells and clear waters. For those of you thinking about making the trip down to Thousand Steps, be sure to check the tide report before you go and always watch the waves. Safety first!

Be sure to check out my previous 1000 Steps posts for more awesome pictures of my little secret spot!




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