Winter in Laguna / Tablerock Beach

What’s winter?

It’s the middle of November here in Southern California and the weather is still nice enough for a beach day! So we packed our bags and headed down to Tablerock Beach in Laguna. Camera gear in hand, I was prepared for a pretty awesome sunset…and it did not disappoint.

Tablerock is probably one of my top five favorite beaches in Laguna, maybe even top three. Whatever direction you go in, there’s epicness. There’s also a little perch to the right if you climb up so you have an awesome view of the whole beach as well as the sunset. Located smack in the middle of the beach is also a little rock formation that you can climb and take some pretty sweet pictures as well.

I would not recommend swimming at this beach, as it drops off quickly so the swell can sometimes get very large and strong. There’s also a sign as you walk down the stairs with a diagram of the beach formation and rip tides conditions.

After laying on the beach and soaking up the sun for a bit, the sun finally began to set. I noticed a few groups had also gathered along the beach for photoshoots of their own (one couple had even brought their cats onto the sand!).

I can't make this stuff up! This couple brought their two cats right onto the sand!

I can’t make this stuff up! This couple brought their two cats right onto the sand!

My friend and I climbed up the rock to get ready for the golden hour. I would definitely recommend watching the tide and the swell before climbing up because there were a few huge waves that also got us even though the tide was relatively low.

THE SUNSET WAS BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad I brought all of my cameras and lenses so I could capture how epic the moment was. It felt nice to simply look out over the ocean and watch nature do her thing. We also got some cool shots in along the way.

Overall it was a perfect end to my day! Even the weather was in 70s (even if the water wasn’t). If you’re looking for a new beach to try, go to Tablerock! Plus there’s way fewer stairs than Thousand Steps Beach 😉

Happy beach hunting!



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