Maddy Jay was founded by college students Maddy and Jazzy. They first met in high school and have stayed friends ever since. They came up with the idea of creating a blog focused on all things Southern California while planning their activities over a school break. After deciding to write down all of their various adventures, they brainstormed and Maddy Jay was born. After weeks of prepping, the blog is finally in full force and ready to show the world all of the awesome things that the Golden State has to offer!

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Maddy, founder

Maddy, founder

Jazzy, founder

Jazzy, founder



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    Love your photos and stories. I took my daughter to 1000 steps and were having great time till someone from house above told us it was private get out.y daughter was disappointed. So I thought maybe you might have info, if the ocean fills the pools then it should be public / state property. Any input would be appreciated as my daughter wants to go bak
    Thank you

    • Hi Kelly!
      How rude of them! Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of friends who have had similar experiences at the pools 😦 Supposedly the new resident is extremely persistent that the pools are “private property and no trespassers are allowed”. I’m not too sure about the legality/truth of this, since the pools are technically filled by the ocean. I went on a Sunday so there were several groups of people at both pools and nobody had any problems. While they are generally more crowded on weekends, maybe try going on a Saturday or Sunday so that there are more people that he wouldn’t be able to regulate. Hope this helped!!

  2. Hi I came across your pics at thousand steps beach and they are so pretty ! Can I ask what time did you go? Because I tried to find the pool last time but I think i went too late because the tides were too high 😦

  3. hi maddy,
    obviously i know the secret pools are in 1000 steps.. but how do you get there? like what are the directions? you go into the cave and then what? (is actual swimming in the ocean part of it?) these pools are “secret” at my school so thanks soo for all your help!

  4. Hey Maddy! I went to thousand steps beach for the first time a week ago. It was difficult to get to the cave even at low tide because the ocean was too deep to walk through. We had to climb that cliff next to the cave. Do you normally have to do that? Or can you sometimes just walk to the cave on the sand? Also, I got to the first tide pool (right after the cave), but didn’t cross the second beach to the many other better tide pools. Is there an easier way besides jumping onto the private beach from the rocks? It was like a 15 foot jump and it seemed dangerous. How do you do that?
    Thanks for your help!

    • The times that I’ve gone, it was pretty easy to walk through the cave and there wasn’t much water! The only other way I know of is through the gated community above, which you obviously can’t get through unless you live there unfortunately. You just have to time everything perfectly to get over there.

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