First Ever Tutorial!

Hi everyone!

I’m super excited because this week, I’m going to do something I’ve never done on the blog before – a tutorial! With the weather being so dang hot recently, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to wear my hair so it’s up and out of my face. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube tutorials lately as well so I thought I’d share my favorites with you all so you can experiment on your own and find your favorite 🙂

hair collage (800x533)

-My first pick is a super simple side braid. Probably one of the easiest braids you can do! All you have to do is sweep your hair to whichever side you prefer, and braid away! What I like about a side braid is you can easily see all of your hair the whole time you are braiding. It’s a little harder to braid your hair straight back since you can’t see and just have to trust that it’s straight.

-My second favorite braided hairstyle is a braided sock bun. While sock buns can be difficult to master at first, I’ve found that practice really does make perfect! When I tried it with braids, I was hooked 🙂 Here’s a super awesome tutorial from C’erine Babyy I found so you guys can all try it at home! Helpful hint: secure your finished bun with lots of bobby pins.

-My third braid is the ever-classy fishtail braid. This is probably my most favorite because it looks so much more complicated and elegant than it really is! You can wear it either straight down the back or pulled to one side. I’ve found that it’s much easier to fishtail my hair when it’s wet so that the little flyaways stay in place while I’m braiding. And the best part is that when you take it out, your hair will have a perfect wave with no hassle! When I was first learning to fishtail, I found this tutorial video by Lauren Conrad super helpful so I’ve attached it below 🙂 Helpful hint: try experimenting with smaller and larger chunks of hair to create different sized/textured braids.

I hope you guys liked our first-ever tutorial! If there’s anything else you guys would like to see, leave a comment below 🙂 Stay tuned for most fun posts and Halloween-themed goodies!



Summer Wardrobe Essentials!

Bikinis have always been the most important staple of hot summer months. But you don’t have to sacrifice a cute outfit just because it’s 80+ degrees outside! My friend Sam and I hit our closets to pull together some great pieces that are perfect for sunny days. Whether you’re heading to a workout class, running errands or hitting the beach, you can look fabulous anywhere you go! Check out the photos below for some major inspiration 🙂


I feel so much more motivated to work out when I have a cute gym outfit! These purple leggings from Zella are super comfy and stretchy. They also have a small pocket in the waistband so you can safely store your keys. I like to pair my Zellas with plain, solid tops so I don’t color clash too much with my pink Nikes 🙂

For days when it’s just too darn hot to pull some leggings on, you can opt for some cute spandex shorts and loose tank top like this one from Hurley. Pair it with a high ponytail and you’re all set!


I’ve noticed overalls all over the place lately, so when I found this cute pair from Windsor for just $15 I couldn’t help myself! With a cute tribal pattern, these overalls are perfect for a hot summer day. I like to pair mine with my Vans that I custom painted for a little extra twist 🙂

Overalls: Windsor, Shirt: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Vans, Tattoos: Flash Tats

For those summer nights when it’s a little cooler, sweaters are a great outfit choice. This one from Roxy is just light enough to wear during summer and can be paired with some high waisted shorts. Add a hat and BAM! Hello gorgeous!

Sweater: Roxy, Hat & Sandals: Billabong

For those nights when you’re hitting the fair or going to an outdoor BBQ, you just need a light jacket to throw on. This camo green one from Others Follow goes great with almost anything and can be worn unzipped or closed and cinched at the waist. And if you get a little too hot, simply tie it around your waist!

Jacket: Other’s Follow, Shirt: Brandy Melville, Sandals: Matiko


Just like overalls, one-piece bikinis are coming back! Always make sure you put lots of sunscreen on so you can cut down on those tanlines! For an easy transition from road to beach, just add a cute pair of shorts and you’re outfit ready 🙂

One-piece bathing suit: sidewalk sale from Jack’s Surfshop, Tattoos: Flash Tats

Just like a one-piece, you can easily pair a simple bikini top with some breezy gypsy pants for the perfect on-the-go beach outfit. If you want to dress it up, you can easily add a cute hat and wedges to take your look from beach day to night!

Bikini: Kovey, Pants: Roxy, Hat: Billabong, Wedges: O’Neill

Your summer wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank either! Sites like offer you the option to buy gift cards at a discounted price so you can stock up on your favorite stores. Some of my personal favorites offered are Victoria’s Secret, H & M and Pac Sun. You can also sell back any gift cards you don’t use and just take the cash!

You can also mix and match pieces you already own to create new, fun outfits. Wear your favorite jacket 3 different ways or pair your cute sandals with a variety of outfits. GET CREATIVE! And have fun 🙂

Special thanks to the gorgeous for Sam Chavez for being such a fabulous model and helping me get some great shots 😉


Top 10 Best Summer Beauty Products!

It’s officially summertime! Hopefully yours will be filled with beach days, bonfires, surf seshes and good vibes. With the hotter days, it can sometimes be hard to stick with your regular beauty products. Here are just some of my favorite beauty products that transition perfectly from spring to summer and that won’t break the bank! Happy Summer!!

1. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

This is my go-to product if I ever feel like getting a more natural looking tan (especially in the winter months!). I’ve never been to a tanning salon, laid in a tanning bed, or gotten a spray tan. This moisturizer from Jergens gives me natural-looking color without turning me orange which is a huge plus when it comes to tanner. With different options for fair, medium and tan skin tones, this lotion is safe, effective and long-lasting!


2. Clinique Sunscreen Targeted Protection Stick

This sunscreen stick from Clinique is a must for any beach bag! With SPF 45 and UVA protection, this small tube is perfect for touching up your face. It’s also oil-free so it won’t leave your skin feeling slimy or greasy. I throw it in my bag when I know I’ll be out in the sun that day, but it’s also great for a day on the lake or even while snowboarding in the winter to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.

Photo: Clinique

Photo: Clinique

3. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I really can’t say enough good things about this product. Although my hair is naturally wavy, this spray from Bumble and Bumble is great for achieving those bouncy, beachy waves when you don’t have time to actually make it to the beach. Added bonus: it smells amazing!

4. Baby Lips Chapstick

This line of chapstick from Maybelline has grown in both popularity and variety since its launch. Along with the original shades, the line now includes Electro and Dr. Rescue choices. I’ve also seen some limited edition flavors at various drug stores and online. A few of their chapsticks also have SPF 15 which is perfect for the hot summer months. My favorite thing about these lip balms is the shades aren’t too drastic so you can get a subtle pink lip or even a darker shade depending on how you’re feeling that day.

baby lips

5. True Blue Spa Foot Cream

Summer means hot sand beneath your feet! If you’re like me, you walk around barefoot in the summer a lot more and that can mean rough feet. This foot cream from Bath & Body Works is super moisturizing even for the hottest of days. I like to use mine at least once a week to keep my feet and toes feeling soft. Tip: put socks on after applying so it can really soak into your skin!

6. Bright Nail Polish

Nothing says summer like neon nails. Put away all your greys and darks, it’s time to bust out your bright, bold colors! My personal favorite brand of nail polish is Essie since they come in pretty much every color you could possibly want and only cost $9 a pop. Your nails are sure to brighten up any summer outfit! Clockwise from top: DJ Play That Song, Turquoise & Caicos, Watermelon, Bikini So Teeny, Pansy

essie circle

7. Aloe Vera Spray

Sunburns are probably the only bad thing about summer. More time in the sun means more exposure to its rays. While I always wear sunscreen, sometimes I can’t help but get a little crispy. This Aloe Vera ‘Cool Down’ spray from Sun Bum is great after a long day in the sun and prevents peeling. With Vitamin E and Cucumber Extract, this spray doesn’t leave your skin greasy and it smells pretty dang good!

Photo: Sun Bum

Photo: Sun Bum

8. Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner

Although I generally wear much less (if any) makeup during summer, it’s a great time to wear your brightest color. My personal favorite makeup essential for summertime is waterproof eyeliner because it only takes two well placed swipes to be ready on-the-go! This eyeliner from Urban Decay comes in 12 different shades and doubles as a pencil sharpener as well. Since the liner is creamy, it glides on easy and stays on through the chlorine and salty ocean water.

9. Ribbon Hair Ties

Whether I’m at the beach, wakeboarding, surfing or just swimming, I need my hair pulled back and out of my face. These ribbon hair ties from Sephora are colorful and won’t leave creases in your hair after a long day in a ponytail. Throw them in your beach bag or just wear them on your wrist as a bracelet so you always have one when you need it!

Photo: Sephora

Photo: Sephora

10. Sun Shield Hair Spray

With all the chlorine, ocean water, sun exposure and ponytails, my hair definitely takes a beating during the summer. This leave-in conditioner spray from Ouidad protects your hair from sun damage and keeps it moisturized while you’re off playing in the sand!

Photo: Ouidad

Photo: Ouidad

Aloha Vibes

With summer only a few weeks away, more and more brands have been coming out with some amazingly festive designs for the best time of the year. Pineapples are just one of the most recent trends I’ve been seeing on everything from shirts to bags to iPhone cases. I decided to put together a little “Summer Guide to Aloha Vibes” featuring all of my favorite designs I’ve seen this season…and maybe to fulfill my recent obsession with pineapples as well 😉

1. Billabong Cooladas Tank Top
billabong pineapple tank
Scoop tanks are perfect for layering over your bikinis during the hot summer months. This pineapple graphic is quirky, fun and comes in both black and white colors. For under $25, this little tank is a definite must and can be worn all year long!

2. Roxy Shell Fish Tank
roxy shell tank
This cute tank caught my eye immediately thanks to the flashy graphic sea shells. With its metallic print and scoop back, this shirt is perfect for those who like a little sparkle. And it’s under $20! Just make sure you turn it inside out when you wash it so that the graphics stay pretty!

3. Victoria’s Secret PINK Sleep Racerback Tank
pink tank
This cute tank from Victoria’s Secret hits the trifecta – tribal print, pink, and comes in a variety of graphics. Since it’s a sleep tank, it’s extra comfy and soft. If the tribal print is a little too bold for you, it also comes in solid colors along with the PINK logo. Now you don’t have to leave your PJ’s all day!

4. Hurley Shaka Nfinitee Shirt
hurley shaka
What’s a summer shirt without a shaka? This shirt is super comfy and did we mention it’s reversible?? Wear it as a v-neck or a crew and alternate between the shaka and an “Easy Livin'” graphic on the other side. It also comes in three different colors so you’re basically getting two shirts for the price of one! Stoked!!

5. Billabong Party Wave Tank Top
party wave tank
I originally purchased this tank in white when I spotted it at my local Diane’s last year. It has now become one of my favorite tank tops! I pair mine with a colorful bandeau or just throw it on over my bikini. I always get loads of comments on it whenever I wear it haha and for the guys, the print comes on trunks as well!

Friday Favorites: 5/2

I’ve seen so many awesome “Friday Favorites” on so many awesome blogs that I thought it was about time to start mine own! I’ll try and update every Friday since I have so many goodies that I’d love to share with you all 🙂 Welcome to Maddy Jay’s very first “Friday Favorites”!!

friday faves

NOTEBOOK: These are the cutest little notebooks that I picked up in Target last month. They come in packs of three, with different colors, designs and quotes on them. They’re also the perfect size to stuff in your purse for note-taking at the office! Check them out HERE.

MAC LIPSTICK: This is by far my favorite lipstick! When Rihanna’s MAC collection first launched, I sat on the site for a couple hours continuously refreshing my page until I finally got one of her coveted lipsticks in my shopping cart! Her shade RiRi Woo compliments almost all skin tones thanks to the blue pigments and is the perfect shade of red.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE SURF SPRAY: While my hair is naturally wavy, sometimes I want to add a little volume to it. This spray from Bumble and Bumble is light, adds just enough bounce and smells amazing! Perfect for getting those beachy waves when you don’t have time to actually make it to the beach. Check it out HERE.

WRECK THIS JOURNAL: My friend first turned me on to this a couple months ago and I haven’t been able to stop doodling in it! There are instructions on each page and basically the goal is to destroy the journal however the instructions tell you to. I don’t think of myself as a super creative person, but this journal is just too much fun to put down. Check out the founder’s website HERE for more of her awesome products!

ROSEBUD SALVE LIPBALM: While I am a lover of all chapsticks and have a collection that’s probably too large for my own good, this lipbalm is a great multi-tasker. You can put it on everything from your lips to your elbows to your heels! It keeps your skin moisturized for hours which is perfect for the upcoming dry, summer months. Check out more of their products and flavors HERE.

SUN BUM SUNSCREEN: By far my favorite sunscreen. It smells like coconuts and protects your skin all day long! The sunscreens come in a variety of SPF’s as well as an aloe vera spray to help hydrate your skin after a long day in the sun. (PS. They also make delicious chapsticks!) Check out all of their products HERE.

Spring Necessities for Under $100

Since spring has finally arrived and the weather has been slowly warming up, I thought it was a good time to put together a list of all my favorite essentials for spring! And everything here is under $100! Shop away lovelies 😉


1. Cute overalls!! I know you’re probably skeptical of the overalls making a comeback. And while I was too at first, I fell in love with this colorful, vibrant print from SaboSkirt. My mood brightens every time I wear them! Photo: SaboSkirt

2. A chunky statement necklace. I’ve become obsessed with all things turquoise at the moment so when I saw this beaut at my local Forever 21, I had to snatch it up! Plus how can you beat their prices? (I’ll give you a hint: you can’t…) Photo: Forever 21

3. A great pair of sunnies. With Spring Break and summer fast approaching, a good pair of sunglasses is a must for absolutely everyone. I prefer darker, polarized sunglasses so I can lay by the pool without being blinded by the sun. Photo: Nordstrom

4. Polaroid camera. Along with overalls, these too are making a comeback! I spotted this cute little polaroid at Target and had to have it. There’s almost a vintage feel to using a polaroid now and the fact that I can have my picture within seconds is super cool. Photo: Target

5. Chapstick! My chapstick collection is currently at about 55, but these Sun Bum flavors are by far my favorite. With everything from Mango to Pink Guava, these chapsticks smell amazing while keeping your lips protected from the summer sun with SPF 30. LOVE! Photo: Sun Bum

6. The perfect scarf. The weather may be warming up, but a scarf is the perfect way to transition an outfit from winter to spring. Sport this adorable print from Stella & Dot with your favorite jeans and white tee, and you’re good to go! Photo: Stella & Dot

7. An adorable wetsuit. With growing waves and warming water, you can put away that 4/3 wetsuit you’ve been using all winter and opt for a more fun wetsuit. This Billabong spring suit is perfect for spring and summer months and is by far the cutest wetsuit I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Photo: Billabong

Top Five Favorite Bikinis!

With Spring Break and summer fast approaching, I’ve been on the hunt for the cutest bikinis on the market. With so many different styles, brands, colors and cuts out there, I tried to narrow down my list to just my top five favorites. Enjoy! xoxo

5. RVCA is one the biggest surf brands out there. While pursuing my local Jacks Surfshop, I found this adorable strappy bikini top. With a scoop neckline and criss-crossing straps that tie in the back, this suit is perfect for girls who are active. I recently took it for a test run during a day of beach volleyball, and everything stayed in place! Available in black, blue and burnt orange, this bikini is a summer must.

Photo: RVCA

Photo: RVCA

4. Ahhh Victoria’s Secret…I do miss my discount from when I used to work here! This season’s bikinis are the cutest yet! With so many different styles and colors, it’s almost impossible to NOT find a suit you love. Bandeaus have always been an especially difficult bikini style for me to pull off; they just never seem to stay up and I don’t want to spend my beach days continuously pulling up my top. Victoria’s Secret, however, has a whole line of bandeaus that have completely changed my opinion. This Crisscross Strap style is perfect for those who want a cute bandeau without the hassle.

3. L*Space has become one of my favorite bikini brands over the years. The first suit I bought from them was their Audrey Fringe top and I never looked back! The Audrey Fringe can be worn as both a bikini or a cute crop top paired with high-waisted shorts, skirts, etc. It also comes in a variety of colors so you’re sure to find one that fits your style and wardrobe. With festival season fast approaching, this L*Space top is a must for your collection!

Photo: L*Space

Photo: L*Space

2. After following Acacia Swim on Instagram, I absolutely had to purchase one of their amazing bikinis. Founder Lyndie Irons, wife of legendary surfer Andy Irons, was also born and raised in Southern California! With beautiful patterns and stunning details, each collection is just as perfect as the last. I fell in love with the crisscrossing back and spaghetti straps of the bikini below and recommend every girl stock up on some Acacia bikinis!

1. Rip Curl’s newest collaboration with pro surfer and model Alana Blanchard has given us gorgeous patterns and flattering cuts. The Alana’s Closet line includes swimsuits and apparel, but my immediate favorite was the Bali Dancer triangle top and hipster bottoms. Featuring a vibrant print and cheeky bottoms, this is my go-to bikini this Spring Break!

Photo: Rip Curl

Photo: Rip Curl