Hawaiian Adventure // MAUI

This summer, I had the best week of my entire life. IN MAUI!! This was my very first time to the islands and to say I was excited would be a bit of an understatement. I spent two weeks packing and getting my gear together. The morning of our flight finally arrived and the nerves set in (flying in a suspended aircraft over miles of ocean is not my idea of a good time guys). 6 and a half hours later, we landed on Maui and I was immediately stunned by the palm trees that lined literally every single street. Even the airport was an open building, with the warm Hawaiian breeze flowing through baggage claim. Although it took awhile to grab our bags, pick up our rental car and get to the hotel, we were able to drive along the coast for our 45 min journey to the hotel.

I’m pretty sure I was in shock the whole first day we were there because everything around me was so beautiful. The water was the clearest shade of blue I’ve seen in my whole life and there were pineapples everywhere weeeeee! Our hotel, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, was gorgeous. I noticed that most buildings on the island had similar architecture and were very open with fresh air flowing from everywhere. Located right on the water, we were steps from the beach and even had an ocean view – does it get any better?! Fast forward 30 minutes from getting to our room and my sister and I practically ran downstairs to jump in the 80 degree water.

Day 1 in Maui jumping for joy. Source: Instagram @mmaaddzz

Day 1 in Maui jumping for joy. Source: Instagram @mmaaddzz

I’ve decided to break up our daily activities because we did SO MUCH in just one week. Follow along below 🙂

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Color Run LA

Who wouldn’t want to be covered in colorful, bright powder all day!?

I recently participated in my first-ever Color Run and I was so excited that I got to do it so close to home at Dodger Stadium. My friends and I decided to do it very last minute (typical) and I knew I wanted to bring my trusty and durable GoPro along for the ride.

It was a pretty cloudy day which was nice since we didn’t have the sun beating down on us all day. The crowd was much larger than I expected too! We each got our own little race kit which consisted of a shirt, our number, a couple of tattoos and a sweatband. We gathered along the Start line as they let us start running in waves just to kill the crowding a little bit.

As we ran through each color station, dozens of people along the sidelines blasted us with color! Sunglasses are definitely a good idea if you plan on participating in a Color Run since they help shield your eyes from the powder. And don’t worry about being the best runner – secret fact: my friend and I pretty much walked the whole thing so we could get pictures…whoops!

Once we crossed the finished line, there were already people crowded around the stage listening to the DJ. This was easily my favorite part of the day because every time the bass dropped, everyone threw their color packets into the air!

Here’s a little video I put together for you guys to show you how awesome it was 🙂 I recommend putting it in HD before clicking play so you can get the whole effect!

All video shot with my GoPro Hero4 Silver.

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Brace Yourselves…SUMMER IS COMING


I am almost embarrassed to say that it has already been two months since I’ve posted here…WOW! First of all, I would like to apologize for that because the last couple months have been a total whirlwind. The last few weeks of school kicked my butt, but then something amazing happened…I GRADUATED, GUYS!! I can now say that I never have to take another test or write another essay EVER again!!

Since graduating, I’ve spent my days working at my surfshop job while also looking around for big-kid jobs. I’ve also gone on quite a few adventures as well! There will be plenty of posts coming your way, don’t you worry 🙂

Also some more big news! In exactly two weeks from today, I will be waking up on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii!! AAAAAAHHHH! 😀 I am beyond excited for this trip since I’ve never been anywhere tropical. How’s that for an awesome graduation trip huh?! But they’ll be a whole post about that trip later for all of you…mermaid pics included hehe

I am still in the process of editing all of my pictures so I’m going to make my first summer post for where else?! Laguna! My friend Tiffani and I headed to Crescent Bay recently to celebrate the warm weather with some snorkeling and sunning our buns!

All images were shot using my GoPro Hero4 Silver 🙂

Thank you all for sticking around even in my absence! Stay tuned for even more adventures coming weekly!

And if you aren’t already, don’t forget to follow the blog on Insta at @maddyjayblog for some behind the scenes action!


San Diego Adventure

Hello again! After a quick break to focus on my last semester of school, (graduating in one month YAY!) I finally have a brand new post for you guys! My friend Tiffani and I decided to take a day trip down to San Diego last week and it was so much more amazing than I could have imagined! We brought along my GoPro to capture our day:


Our first stop was La Jolla. I had seen beautiful pictures of the coves and beach on Instagram before so I was stoked to finally be able to check it out! Once we got there, I was surprised to see sea lions lying all over the beach! We tried to be respectful and keep our distance, but I still managed to snag a few pictures of the little guys.

After climbing through some caves, we also got to do a little sea glass hunting while checking out the tide pools. The water was so clear, I just wish the water at home was the same! Unfortunately the water was a little too cold to snorkel, but it was fun to watch the sea lions swim and bob around in the water with everyone.

After wandering along the coast for a couple hours, we headed to Blacks Beach. For those who don’t know, it’s also a nude beach…interesting, I know haha but first we had to climb down a massive cliff. Once we were finally down at the beach, we set up camp close to the water and tried not to look at the naked old guys running along the beach woah!

The sand was black (who would’ve thought haha) and there was sooo much open beach space which was nice after a crowded day in La Jolla. We also brought along our friend Peter the Pineapple for some artsy photo opportunities. Once sunset began to creep up, we packed our bags and hiked back up the cliff to watch the beautiful view from the top. It was stunning! And we definitely got our workouts in for the day yeah!

Overall, it was definitely one of the most fun beach days I’ve had in a really long time and it was definitely worth the two hour drive! After stopping for burritos on the way home, I was wiped out and ready for bed. Even though it was a bit of a drive, I will definitely be coming back here soon! I would recommend making a whole day of it like we did so you have enough time to check out all the awesome different spots. I also wouldn’t recommend taking any young kids down to Blacks Beach since people do let it all hang out!


A beautiful end to a beautiful beach day!

Thank you guys for your patience, I’ll be cranking out more posts for ya this week as I sort through all the pictures I’ve taken these last couple weeks 🙂

Hint hint: it involves 1000 steps hehe


Winter Break in Utah 2015

Happy 2015!

I wanted to do something awesome for my first post of 2015 🙂 Instead of my usual beach posts, I wanted to show you guys all of the great photos and videos from my family trip to Utah over Winter Break! The snow was absolutely incredible and the mountains were empty every day we rode. I also got to bring my new GoPro Hero 4 so I could shoot some footage throughout our trip! Here are just some of the photos from our trip:

Even though it dumped snow for 2 out of the 3 days we snowboarded in Utah, we did get one beautiful sunny day and it was worth the wait! I was a little worried to ride at first since it had been two years since I last went snowboarding. I didn’t want to be one of those people who fell getting off the lift – yikes! haha but I was lucky that most of my GoPro videos came out pretty darn good! I used the GoPro Studio software for the first time and after more than 12 whole hours of editing and uploading, the video came out AMAZING! My friend Christian created the sick mix you hear in the video, you can check out out his MixCloud profile HERE for Christian the Giant. Go check him out! And scope the final video below 🙂 PS. Don’t forget to put the video in HD before watching!

Thanks for watching and check back next week for some Winter Break beach adventures!



Sunset Session at Victoria Beach

Hello again friends!

My finals are officially over as of today and I am done interning which means I have the next six weeks to do nothing but explore and post – YAY! I’m so excited to finally be able to just relax and sleep in and upload pictures.

I recently purchased the new GoPro Hero 4 Silver and so far, I’m in love!! The back LED screen is incredibly helpful to scope my pictures immediately after taking them. A couple of my friends and me decided to head down to Victoria Beach in Laguna last night to test out the GoPro’s night settings. The sunset was incredible and I was even able to capture an amazing time lapse while I was there! Here’s the video below 🙂

I had the time lapse setting on for pretty much the whole hour and a half that I was down there and it only came out to a quick 7 second video! The tide was also unusually high so there were a couple moments when the waves would splash up over the rocks and shoot almost fifteen feet into the air! The beach was practically empty since it was a little chilly and it’s the middle of December, but we didn’t let that stop us 🙂 Check out the couple of pictures below that I took before setting up my time lapse. I should also mentioned that the pictures have not been edited at all either – hashtag no filter 😉

Sorry for the quick little update, but I wanted to give you guys something for being so patient while I finished up my finals. There will be many more pictures to follow of my Winter Break adventures!


1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna: Part 3

1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna is still our most searched and viewed post! And as much as you guys love reading about it, I love going there! We’ve already done Part 2 so why not go for 3? After all, the third time’s a charm!

The tides have been pretty funky lately, especially with the huge swells that hit Southern California a couple weeks back. With high tides and my busy school & intern schedule, it was really hard to find time to make it back to the pools. But the beach gods were on my side last weekend! The tides were finally below 1 ft and the weather was a sunny 80 degrees! I was lucky enough to take my friend who has never been either so I was excited to show her how amazing the private beach was.


We didn’t head down to Laguna until about 2 pm since low tide was at 4 pm. And with this damn time change, it gets dark around 4:30 anyways. It does take about 15 minutes to climb over to the pools from the main beach, but we were amazed at how empty the pools were once we got there. It was a Saturday after all! The water was a little chilly, but do-able so we swam around in the water a bit and played mermaids 🙂

The sunset was SPECTACULAR! Watching the sun go down over the ocean while sitting on the edge of a beautiful rock pool made all of my problems suddenly go away. And once the sun set, the darkness came quickly. We had to use the flashlights on our phones to get back through the cave because it was pitch black! I always advise people who go to the pools to time your climb there and back very carefully – the tides and the darkness are your two biggest enemies.

Overall, it was the best beach day I’ve had in a really long time 😀 Now that summer is over and the weather is cooling off, it’s a great time to make your way down to the pools if you haven’t been yet. Or you can just check out the pictures below 😉

Have a happy and yummy Thanksgiving friends!