Hike to Jim Morrison Cave

Happy 2016 friends!!

I hope you all had a fabulous and eventful New Years!

Mine was spent with friends and champagne 😉 But that being said, I am so ready for a brand new year. I am currently unemployed (sad face) but I already have so many plans for 2016. One of which includes my own business but we’ll keep that our little secret for now hehe

In between applying for jobs and countless Netflix binges, I’ve found some time for some pretty cool adventures! So I am proud to present my first post of the new year…the Jim Morrison Cave!

jim morrison cave malibu hike

Located in the hills of Malibu, the Jim Morrison cave is well hidden at the top of a mountain. I actually found out about this hike through Instagram so I packed up my bag, grabbed a friend and trekked my way up to Malibu.

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Climbing Waterfalls

I’ve noticed in the past year that hiking has become a huge trend. It’s now a fun activity that friends do for both the physical and adventurous aspect of it. And with so many different places to hike, you’re bound to find a trail you like.

I have recently embraced the hiking trend in the past couple months and the next on my list was a waterfall hike. I had a lot of friends who had already hiked Escondido Trail in Malibu and had heard the waterfall was a hit or miss. But since the “storm of the century” hit a couple weeks ago, I figured I would try my luck and crossed my fingers that the waterfalls weren’t dry.

Climbing some crazy trees halfway through our hike!

Climbing some crazy trees halfway through our hike!

Heading out with a group of six friends, we drove an hour up to Malibu to begin our hike. The sprawling, luxurious houses were somewhat intimidating during the first couple of miles, but once we actually got into the valley, the whole trail became more beautiful. The first waterfall wasn’t really as big as I had imagined it, but it was so darn cute. It reminded me of a little grotto, with water dropping from its extensive moss. There was even a small place to stand at the top once you climbed up.

The top of the first waterfall!

The top of the first waterfall!

We got somewhat turned around after the first waterfall since it was all our first time’s on that trail. After literally climbing the side of a small mountain for a while, we were greeted by a barbed wire and “NO TRESPASSING” sign. Unfortunately, that also meant we had to climb down the side without slipping, but we were able to find some fellow hikers who pointed us toward the second waterfall.

And it was A W E S O M E.

The second waterfall was exactly as I had pictured it. With three different heights and a small pool at the bottom, there was a heavy drizzle falling between the rocky layers. And when I say heavy drizzle, I mean enough water to soak us while we climbed to the top of the first opening. In case you’re having trouble imagining what this waterfall looks like, I’ve slipped in quite a few pictures below 🙂

Climbing the waterfall was definitely the sketchiest part of the hike. Moss was everywhere and everything was slippery. With the help of a long rope and a couple sturdy tree branches, we were all able to climb to the top and experience the wonder of the waterfall. It was truly one of the most awesome experiences I’ve ever had.

The whole hike only took about two hours to finish. It was one roundabout trail so once you reached the second waterfall, you were hiking back on the same trail you came from. There weren’t very many trail markers after the first waterfall either so it was pretty hard to know which way you should take to get to the second waterfall. But it was definitely in my top three favorite hikes! Make sure you check the weather before you go and check if the waterfalls will be dry because that was the main attraction of the whole hike.

We also saw this snazzy “Rasta Bus” on the way up! I’m not really sure what it is or what it does, but it just looked too awesome to NOT take a picture haha enjoy!

rasta bus