Hike to Jim Morrison Cave

Happy 2016 friends!!

I hope you all had a fabulous and eventful New Years!

Mine was spent with friends and champagne 😉 But that being said, I am so ready for a brand new year. I am currently unemployed (sad face) but I already have so many plans for 2016. One of which includes my own business but we’ll keep that our little secret for now hehe

In between applying for jobs and countless Netflix binges, I’ve found some time for some pretty cool adventures! So I am proud to present my first post of the new year…the Jim Morrison Cave!

jim morrison cave malibu hike

Located in the hills of Malibu, the Jim Morrison cave is well hidden at the top of a mountain. I actually found out about this hike through Instagram so I packed up my bag, grabbed a friend and trekked my way up to Malibu.

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Color Run LA

Who wouldn’t want to be covered in colorful, bright powder all day!?

I recently participated in my first-ever Color Run and I was so excited that I got to do it so close to home at Dodger Stadium. My friends and I decided to do it very last minute (typical) and I knew I wanted to bring my trusty and durable GoPro along for the ride.

It was a pretty cloudy day which was nice since we didn’t have the sun beating down on us all day. The crowd was much larger than I expected too! We each got our own little race kit which consisted of a shirt, our number, a couple of tattoos and a sweatband. We gathered along the Start line as they let us start running in waves just to kill the crowding a little bit.

As we ran through each color station, dozens of people along the sidelines blasted us with color! Sunglasses are definitely a good idea if you plan on participating in a Color Run since they help shield your eyes from the powder. And don’t worry about being the best runner – secret fact: my friend and I pretty much walked the whole thing so we could get pictures…whoops!

Once we crossed the finished line, there were already people crowded around the stage listening to the DJ. This was easily my favorite part of the day because every time the bass dropped, everyone threw their color packets into the air!

Here’s a little video I put together for you guys to show you how awesome it was 🙂 I recommend putting it in HD before clicking play so you can get the whole effect!

All video shot with my GoPro Hero4 Silver.

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The Hidden Hike

The gym.

It’s not a very likeable or enjoyable place for most people. If I had my way, I’d be able to get in shape just by sitting on my couch, watching Netflix and eating pizza. But unfortunately, this just doesn’t happen – so I like finding every possible alternate to going to the gym. Hiking is a great way to stay fit and also lets me avoid the gym altogether. Ocean hikes are definitely at the top of my list because the breathtaking views generally help take my mind off the horrible burning in my legs while hiking giant hills.

We decided to cross Palos Verdes off our list first, and we were not disappointed! Abalone Cove Shoreline Park had everything we were looking for: ocean views, a great workout, tide pools, hidden caves and a variety of paths. And it only took us 20 minutes to drive there which made it even better. We had no idea such an awesome and beautiful hike was hidden right in our backyard. Even the rocks along the beaches were perfect! Unfortunately, we got there right at high tide so some of the tide pools were impossible to get to. We did, however, manage to find some higher up with all kinds of sea critters in them.

Sea critters hanging out in the tide pools.

Sea critters hanging out in the tide pools.

There were so many different paths to take up in the hills, but we generally took the ones that were right along the ocean. After hiking up a narrow, steep path, we finally arrived at the top of a cliff right as the sun was setting. It was the most peaceful, gorgeous sunset I think I’ve ever seen. All of my problems and stress just seemed to slip away as we watched the ocean gobble up the sun.

Watching the sunset from the top of a cliff...doesn't get much better than that!

Watching the sunset from the top of a cliff…doesn’t get much better than that!

Simply put, the hike was perfect; there wasn’t one bad thing about it. You get a front row seat to a beautiful California sunset from almost any trail you take, even at high tide we were able to check out the awesome tide pools, it had everything from flat to steep trails depending on your preference or badass level and the trails were practically empty! If you’re looking for an ocean trail hike, then be sure to check this place out.

Enjoying the sunset at the end of our awesome hike!

Enjoying the sunset at the end of our awesome hike!

*Note: Be sure to check their hours before you go! They generally want you off the trails by 4 p.m. or dusk. For more information, take a peek at their website HERE.