Winter in Laguna / Tablerock Beach

What’s winter?

It’s the middle of November here in Southern California and the weather is still nice enough for a beach day! So we packed our bags and headed down to Tablerock Beach in Laguna. Camera gear in hand, I was prepared for a pretty awesome sunset…and it did not disappoint.

Tablerock is probably one of my top five favorite beaches in Laguna, maybe even top three. Whatever direction you go in, there’s epicness. There’s also a little perch to the right if you climb up so you have an awesome view of the whole beach as well as the sunset. Located smack in the middle of the beach is also a little rock formation that you can climb and take some pretty sweet pictures as well.

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Hawaii VIDEO!


My Hawaii video is finally finished!! Only 3 months later…whoops haha

I went through what felt like hours of footage and after finding the perfect songs to mix the video with, IT’S HERE!

You can check out the whole 7:30 min video below – be sure to put it in HD before watching! Let me know your thoughts and comments too! I want to hear from you guys!

It truly was the best week of my life so I’m incredibly happy I now have a video to help me remember all the fun I had that week.

All filming by me – shot with a GoPro Hero4 Silver and a Canon Rebel T6i.

Music mix by me – you can check out my SoundCloud here!



1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna: Part 4


It’s been way too long since I’ve done a Thousand Steps post, mostly due to weather conditions created by El Nino. With so many big swells and high tides, it’s been extremely tough to find a time to be able to get over to the pools when it wasn’t the middle of the night. But two weeks ago, the ocean gods aligned and gave us a whole four hours of play time at the pools!

Some baby barrels breaking on the shore.

Some baby barrels breaking on the shore.

My friend Tessa and I were lucky enough to find some free time during the week so the beach was particularly empty. We trekked over the rocks and over to our secret spot to discover we were the only people at both pools. The 70 degree water wasn’t too bad either 🙂

Playing mermaid with my beautiful friends.

Playing mermaid with my beautiful friends.

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Hawaiian Adventure // MAUI

This summer, I had the best week of my entire life. IN MAUI!! This was my very first time to the islands and to say I was excited would be a bit of an understatement. I spent two weeks packing and getting my gear together. The morning of our flight finally arrived and the nerves set in (flying in a suspended aircraft over miles of ocean is not my idea of a good time guys). 6 and a half hours later, we landed on Maui and I was immediately stunned by the palm trees that lined literally every single street. Even the airport was an open building, with the warm Hawaiian breeze flowing through baggage claim. Although it took awhile to grab our bags, pick up our rental car and get to the hotel, we were able to drive along the coast for our 45 min journey to the hotel.

I’m pretty sure I was in shock the whole first day we were there because everything around me was so beautiful. The water was the clearest shade of blue I’ve seen in my whole life and there were pineapples everywhere weeeeee! Our hotel, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, was gorgeous. I noticed that most buildings on the island had similar architecture and were very open with fresh air flowing from everywhere. Located right on the water, we were steps from the beach and even had an ocean view – does it get any better?! Fast forward 30 minutes from getting to our room and my sister and I practically ran downstairs to jump in the 80 degree water.

Day 1 in Maui jumping for joy. Source: Instagram @mmaaddzz

Day 1 in Maui jumping for joy. Source: Instagram @mmaaddzz

I’ve decided to break up our daily activities because we did SO MUCH in just one week. Follow along below 🙂

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1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna: Part 3

1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna is still our most searched and viewed post! And as much as you guys love reading about it, I love going there! We’ve already done Part 2 so why not go for 3? After all, the third time’s a charm!

The tides have been pretty funky lately, especially with the huge swells that hit Southern California a couple weeks back. With high tides and my busy school & intern schedule, it was really hard to find time to make it back to the pools. But the beach gods were on my side last weekend! The tides were finally below 1 ft and the weather was a sunny 80 degrees! I was lucky enough to take my friend who has never been either so I was excited to show her how amazing the private beach was.


We didn’t head down to Laguna until about 2 pm since low tide was at 4 pm. And with this damn time change, it gets dark around 4:30 anyways. It does take about 15 minutes to climb over to the pools from the main beach, but we were amazed at how empty the pools were once we got there. It was a Saturday after all! The water was a little chilly, but do-able so we swam around in the water a bit and played mermaids 🙂

The sunset was SPECTACULAR! Watching the sun go down over the ocean while sitting on the edge of a beautiful rock pool made all of my problems suddenly go away. And once the sun set, the darkness came quickly. We had to use the flashlights on our phones to get back through the cave because it was pitch black! I always advise people who go to the pools to time your climb there and back very carefully – the tides and the darkness are your two biggest enemies.

Overall, it was the best beach day I’ve had in a really long time 😀 Now that summer is over and the weather is cooling off, it’s a great time to make your way down to the pools if you haven’t been yet. Or you can just check out the pictures below 😉

Have a happy and yummy Thanksgiving friends!

Beach Days in November

It’s already November, holy cow!! This year is just flying by! This was the first weekend of November and also the first weekend we got some rain! YAY! Luckily living in Southern California means one day it’s raining and the next it’s sunny enough for a beach day 🙂

My friends and I had a few hours to spare today so we headed down to the bay to catch some rays. My friend has some amazing photography skills so she brought along her film camera and Polaroid to capture some of the fun.

It’s always bittersweet when the weather starts cooling down. Less beach days, but lots of cozy rainy days! Oh and how can we forget that the holiday cups are already back at Starbucks 😉

Enjoy your week lovelies! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @maddyjayblog!


Summer Wardrobe Essentials!

Bikinis have always been the most important staple of hot summer months. But you don’t have to sacrifice a cute outfit just because it’s 80+ degrees outside! My friend Sam and I hit our closets to pull together some great pieces that are perfect for sunny days. Whether you’re heading to a workout class, running errands or hitting the beach, you can look fabulous anywhere you go! Check out the photos below for some major inspiration 🙂


I feel so much more motivated to work out when I have a cute gym outfit! These purple leggings from Zella are super comfy and stretchy. They also have a small pocket in the waistband so you can safely store your keys. I like to pair my Zellas with plain, solid tops so I don’t color clash too much with my pink Nikes 🙂

For days when it’s just too darn hot to pull some leggings on, you can opt for some cute spandex shorts and loose tank top like this one from Hurley. Pair it with a high ponytail and you’re all set!


I’ve noticed overalls all over the place lately, so when I found this cute pair from Windsor for just $15 I couldn’t help myself! With a cute tribal pattern, these overalls are perfect for a hot summer day. I like to pair mine with my Vans that I custom painted for a little extra twist 🙂

Overalls: Windsor, Shirt: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Vans, Tattoos: Flash Tats

For those summer nights when it’s a little cooler, sweaters are a great outfit choice. This one from Roxy is just light enough to wear during summer and can be paired with some high waisted shorts. Add a hat and BAM! Hello gorgeous!

Sweater: Roxy, Hat & Sandals: Billabong

For those nights when you’re hitting the fair or going to an outdoor BBQ, you just need a light jacket to throw on. This camo green one from Others Follow goes great with almost anything and can be worn unzipped or closed and cinched at the waist. And if you get a little too hot, simply tie it around your waist!

Jacket: Other’s Follow, Shirt: Brandy Melville, Sandals: Matiko


Just like overalls, one-piece bikinis are coming back! Always make sure you put lots of sunscreen on so you can cut down on those tanlines! For an easy transition from road to beach, just add a cute pair of shorts and you’re outfit ready 🙂

One-piece bathing suit: sidewalk sale from Jack’s Surfshop, Tattoos: Flash Tats

Just like a one-piece, you can easily pair a simple bikini top with some breezy gypsy pants for the perfect on-the-go beach outfit. If you want to dress it up, you can easily add a cute hat and wedges to take your look from beach day to night!

Bikini: Kovey, Pants: Roxy, Hat: Billabong, Wedges: O’Neill

Your summer wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank either! Sites like offer you the option to buy gift cards at a discounted price so you can stock up on your favorite stores. Some of my personal favorites offered are Victoria’s Secret, H & M and Pac Sun. You can also sell back any gift cards you don’t use and just take the cash!

You can also mix and match pieces you already own to create new, fun outfits. Wear your favorite jacket 3 different ways or pair your cute sandals with a variety of outfits. GET CREATIVE! And have fun 🙂

Special thanks to the gorgeous for Sam Chavez for being such a fabulous model and helping me get some great shots 😉