Hawaii VIDEO!


My Hawaii video is finally finished!! Only 3 months later…whoops haha

I went through what felt like hours of footage and after finding the perfect songs to mix the video with, IT’S HERE!

You can check out the whole 7:30 min video below – be sure to put it in HD before watching! Let me know your thoughts and comments too! I want to hear from you guys!

It truly was the best week of my life so I’m incredibly happy I now have a video to help me remember all the fun I had that week.

All filming by me – shot with a GoPro Hero4 Silver and a Canon Rebel T6i.

Music mix by me – you can check out my SoundCloud here!




Hawaiian Adventure // MAUI

This summer, I had the best week of my entire life. IN MAUI!! This was my very first time to the islands and to say I was excited would be a bit of an understatement. I spent two weeks packing and getting my gear together. The morning of our flight finally arrived and the nerves set in (flying in a suspended aircraft over miles of ocean is not my idea of a good time guys). 6 and a half hours later, we landed on Maui and I was immediately stunned by the palm trees that lined literally every single street. Even the airport was an open building, with the warm Hawaiian breeze flowing through baggage claim. Although it took awhile to grab our bags, pick up our rental car and get to the hotel, we were able to drive along the coast for our 45 min journey to the hotel.

I’m pretty sure I was in shock the whole first day we were there because everything around me was so beautiful. The water was the clearest shade of blue I’ve seen in my whole life and there were pineapples everywhere weeeeee! Our hotel, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, was gorgeous. I noticed that most buildings on the island had similar architecture and were very open with fresh air flowing from everywhere. Located right on the water, we were steps from the beach and even had an ocean view – does it get any better?! Fast forward 30 minutes from getting to our room and my sister and I practically ran downstairs to jump in the 80 degree water.

Day 1 in Maui jumping for joy. Source: Instagram @mmaaddzz

Day 1 in Maui jumping for joy. Source: Instagram @mmaaddzz

I’ve decided to break up our daily activities because we did SO MUCH in just one week. Follow along below 🙂

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Winter Break in Utah 2015

Happy 2015!

I wanted to do something awesome for my first post of 2015 🙂 Instead of my usual beach posts, I wanted to show you guys all of the great photos and videos from my family trip to Utah over Winter Break! The snow was absolutely incredible and the mountains were empty every day we rode. I also got to bring my new GoPro Hero 4 so I could shoot some footage throughout our trip! Here are just some of the photos from our trip:

Even though it dumped snow for 2 out of the 3 days we snowboarded in Utah, we did get one beautiful sunny day and it was worth the wait! I was a little worried to ride at first since it had been two years since I last went snowboarding. I didn’t want to be one of those people who fell getting off the lift – yikes! haha but I was lucky that most of my GoPro videos came out pretty darn good! I used the GoPro Studio software for the first time and after more than 12 whole hours of editing and uploading, the video came out AMAZING! My friend Christian created the sick mix you hear in the video, you can check out out his MixCloud profile HERE for Christian the Giant. Go check him out! And scope the final video below 🙂 PS. Don’t forget to put the video in HD before watching!

Thanks for watching and check back next week for some Winter Break beach adventures!



1000 Steps Beach Day // Laguna: Part 2

Ever since starting my blog in the beginning of the year, my most popular post remains my day at Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna, CA. I went again last week and it was pretty crowded for a Thursday. We stayed at the beach for about five hours though, so it was definitely worth the trip down there 🙂

It was low tide as soon as we got to Laguna that day, so we headed straight over to the pools. I recently received a GoPro Hero 3+ for my birthday earlier this month so I brought it along in hopes of taking some sick water shots. I noticed they put up a new sign about no trespassing so the new owner seems a little more strict than the previous but luckily we had no problems the whole day.

The best part of my day: I got to hold a starfish! Honestly, I would have a pet starfish if I could because they are just the coolest creatures ever haha we left the pools around 6 pm to go back to the main beach and watch the sunset. We knew the tide was coming up so we only had a limited time to get back over the rocks. And thank goodness we left when we did because we saw a guy try and come back an hour after we did and he had cuts all over his leg from a giant wave hitting him and sweeping him off the rocks! Ouch!

We were able to stay for the sunset and it was still perfectly warm, beautiful and amazing even at 8 at night! I put together some pictures for you guys featuring our whole day at Thousand Steps. I also made a VIDEO of all of our adventures that day which I’m beyond stoked to share with all of you! Check it out below! 😀

All photos were taken with my GoPro 🙂

NOTE: There is no exact address for this location. Also, as of now, the pools are unreachable due to lifeguards standing on the rocks and blocking people from going over. 😦